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Blake Archive Forever

As Mellon Fellows, Eitan, Serenity, Chris, and I have been semi-strategically embedded into a few faculty research projects that feature strong digital characteristics. We’re there to assist and learn as much as possible. Since I had already attached myself to the William Blake Archive when I first arrived at UR last year, it was decided […]

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DH Makes Explicit

“I’m still looking for that nugget, that thing I can take away from DH and say ‘here’s the contribution; this is how it relates to someone like me.’” After a digitally inclined guest lecture on campus last week, a fellow grad student pressed me with this basic question on what Digital Humanities brings to the scholarly table. […]


Laura Mandell: Visiting Scholar in Digital Humanities

The Andrew W. Mellon Fellows in Digital Humanities are pleased to announce the February 19-20 visit of Dr. Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture at Texas A&M University. Dr. Mandell is our first-ever Visiting Scholar in Digital Humanities. Her research focuses on visualizing poetry, developing software that will allow all scholars to deep-code documents for data-mining, and […]

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Visiting Scholar Recap

Tweets and pics from events by our first “Visiting Scholar in Digital Humanities.”   Excited to host @mandellc for a slew of digital humanities events this week @UofR! — Eric Loy (@eric_loy) February 16, 2015 Yesterday's Vista Collabotatory presentation on big data #URMellon @mandellc @eric_loy @c_patrello — Serenity Sutherland (@serenitys37) February 20, 2015 .@mandellc […]