Erin Francisco

Education: B.A., Elmira College, English, 2009; M.F.A., California College of the Arts, Writing, 2011; M.A., University of Rochester, English, 2018. 

Bio: Erin Francisco is a third-year Ph.D. student in the English Department at the University of Rochester specializing in twentieth-century American literature. Her research interests are grounded in Environmental Humanities with a particular focus on back-to-the-land memoirs and critical discourse surrounding race, gender, and nature in both fiction and non-fiction narratives.

Dan Gorman

Education: M.A., University of Rochester, History, 2017; M.A., Villanova University, History, 2016; B.A., University of Rochester, History & Religion, 2014.

Bio: Daniel Gorman Jr. is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at the University of Rochester. 

Dan studies nineteenth- and twentieth-century religious and cultural history in the United States. His dissertation explores the expulsion of Spiritualist medium Frederick Willis from Harvard in 1857 and the ensuing debate between Spiritualists and anti-Spiritualists that occurred in the greater Boston area,. This project illuminates differing ideas of the function of religion and science in U.S. society, as well as the relationship between Spiritualism and the broader liberal religious movement in New England. In the digital realm, Dan is interested in online archives and oral history repositories, digital mapping, and documentary editing.

Mellon Activities:

  • Website editor for Digitizing Rochester’s Religions, a project directed by Dr. Margarita Guillory (Boston University).
  • Project Assistant at the William Blake Archive, 2019–20.
  • Organized the May 2020 Mellon virtual symposium with Erin Francisco-Opalich, Madeline Ullrich, and Alexander Zawacki.
  • Volunteered with high school civics programs that the YMCA of Montgomery, Alabama, has hosted virtually because of COVID19 — the 2020 YMCA Conference on National Affairs, the 2020 Alabama Youth Legislature, and the 2021 Alabama Youth Judicial Program.
  • Digital technology consultant on the UR International Theatre Program’s virtual production of The Government Inspector. The play streamed on Vimeo from December 11–13, 2020.

Madeline Ullrich

Education: BA, American University, Art History, 2014; MA, University of British Columbia, Art History and Theory, 2017

Bio: Madeline Ullrich is a third-year PhD student in the Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester.

Maddie’s current research explores visual and narrative forms of female collectivity on television, to investigate how contemporary mainstream feminism imagines collectivity as its mode of subjectivity. Thinking through the televisual quality of seriality, her research explores how the concept of a female collective is constructed through visual and narrative paradigms of repetition, accumulation and standardization.

Currently, Maddie is working with the University of Rochester’s Digital Scholarship Lab on Mediate, a web-based platform that allows users to annotate and analyze time-based audiovisual media.

Alexander J. Zawacki

Education: BS, Susquehanna University, Ecology, 2013; MA, Bangor University, Medieval literature, 2016.

Bio: Alex is a fourth-year PhD student in English at the University of Rochester. He is also an operations coordinator at the Lazarus Project, which uses multispectral imaging and statistical processing software to digitally recover damaged manuscripts and cultural heritage objects. His research focuses on ghosts, horror, and hermeneutics in the Middle Ages. 

Camden Burd

Education: BA, History, University of Utah, 2011; MA, History, Central Michigan University, 2014; MA, History, University of Rochester, 2015.

Biography: Camden Burd is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History. His research explores the environmental transformation of the American landscape over the course of the nineteenth century. Continue reading “Camden Burd”