Downstream Parking and Directions

Parking and Conference Room Instructions


Visitors should park in the Library Lot. All events will take place in the Humanities Center, Conference Room D, inside Rush Rhees Library. See instructions below for further details.

Thursday, May 5th:

All attendees can park in the Library Lot starting at 4pm. If a parking attendant is present, just let them know you’re there for the “Downstream” event. See directions for Library Lot and Humanities Center Room D below. No parking pass will be needed on Thursday, starting at 4pm.

Friday, May 6th:

We have reserved parking in the Library Lot for attendees who are not from the University of Rochester. (U of R students or faculty must find their own parking.)

Parking Directions (See Map Below):

1.     Enter University of Rochester from Elmwood Ave.

2.     Go straight, past the stop sign at Trustee Rd., to the Visitor Info booth.

3.     Tell the booth attendant that you need the parking code for the Downstream event.

4.     Make a U-Turn (don’t worry this is allowed), heading back toward Trustee Rd.

5.     Turn left onto Trustee Rd.

6.     Turn left onto Innercampus Dr.

7.     Just past Library Rd., you will see a parking lot on your left. Enter the provided pin onto the keypad to enter the Library Lot.

8.     To your left, across the street from the lot, you should see Rush Rhees Library.

Directions to Humanities Center Room D, from Library Lot entrance:

(Note: students and faculty will know where this room is, so also feel free to simply ask someone!)

1.     Enter the library, near the buses.

2.     Just past the iZone, the entrance to IT will be to your left. Enter IT.

3.     Walk past the computer lab, and turn right. You will see elevators to your left.

4.     Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. (Note: When leaving, you will take this elevator to the Ground floor).

5.     Upon exiting the elevator, follow the hallway to your right, and then left. You will pass several bathrooms, and Humanities Center Room D is at the end of this hallway.