The Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Fellowship


The Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Fellowship trains graduate students in the humanities to integrate digital technologies into innovative research programs.

The program is based on the premise that technology and the humanities illuminate and complement one another in increasingly important ways. Most humanities scholars today are well versed in the use of digital research and discovery tools that enable access to large amounts of information quickly and easily.

For the coming generations of humanities scholars, however, those who are rigorously trained in both the hu­man­i­ties and technology will be strategically poised to reframe traditional humanities problems and con­­cept­ualize new ones.


Fellows learn both about and through technology in the context of their own and others’ research

They learn through theory (coursework, seminars, speakers), practice (technology training, project building, mentoring), and combinations of the two (workshops, critical making).

Fellows in the program serve simultaneously as humanities apprentices and mentors, both within their cohort of graduate students and in communities of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members


Program Director: Peter Christensen
Phone: (585) 276-7173

Morey Hall 516
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0451