Seward Family Digital Archive


The Seward Family Digital Archive provides unprecedented insight into the life and career of William Henry Seward, and into 19th and early 20th century political, cultural, and family life.The depth and breadth of the collection – which boasts large numbers of pamphlets, broadsides, and other ephemeral materials rarely seen in such numbers in an archival collection of this period – has long attracted the attention of scholars from around the world, and has made it UR’s most consulted and prized collection. Continue reading “Seward Family Digital Archive”

Televisual Time


Although presently in its 64th year of publication, TV Guide might be said to be on the verge of becoming doubly obsolete. It is an out-of-date medium—the printed magazine—that provides information about another out-of-date medium, broadcast and cable television. But streaming television services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are only the most recent technological developments that TV Guide has had to weather, the increased availability of cable in the early 1980s being only one. Continue reading “Televisual Time”